Distributors/Dealers Application Form

Terms and Conditions of Dealers / Distributors

SOLIDAIRE invites Distributors/Dealers

  • For Distributors, the Initial Deposit is Rs.25 Lakhs ( Rupees twenty Five lakhs only) and for Dealer the initial Deposit is Rs.10 lakhs.
  • For Distributors/Dealer the following particulars are required,

 1)They must mention for which District / They are applying?

 2) Whether the applicant is having any experience in dealing the Electronics items?

 3)1f so.in which Brand and for how many years?

 4)1n case if the Distributor/Dealer wants to discontinue. a minimum of 3 months time should be given in advance.

 5)The above said particulars are required for Distributor/Dealer also.

 6)The Dealers should mention the Taluk they would be hand.

  • The margin for Distributors will be 15% and for Dealers will be 10%
  • The Distributor/Dealer should send their application through our website.
  • After scrutinizing the applications, our Representative will come personally to verify all the particulars. After that, we will call for a meeting at Chennai, Madurai, Coimbatore, Tirunelveli, Thiruvanathapuram etc