For Distributors, the Initial Deposit is
Rs.25 llacs(Rupees twenty Five lacs only)
and for Dealer the initial Deposit is
Rs.10 lacs.
For Distributors the following particulars are required:-
1) They must mention for which District he is applying?
2) whether the applicant is having any experience in dealing the Electronics items?
3) If so,in which Brand and for how many years?
4 ) In case if the Distributor wants to discontinue, a minimum of 3 months time should be given in advance.
5) The above said particulars are required for Dealers also.
6) The Dealers should mention for which Taluk, the want.
The margin for Distributors will be 20% and for Dealers will be 10%
The Distributor/Dealer should send their application through your website.
After scrutinizing the applications, our
Representative will come personally to verify all the particulars.
We After that we will call for a meeting of the selected applicants and will show a Demo at Chennai, Madurai, Tirunelveli etc.